WHY RSLeads?


Nelson Publishing's web capture PROGRAM

What is the RSLeads Program?
RSLeads stands for Reader Service Leads—a web-based program that documents the number of reader inquiries going from our magazines to an advertiser's web page.

How does it work?
Unique RSLeads web addresses are printed below articles and ads in our magazines. Readers enter the URL on their computer and are sent directly to that advertiser's web page. Inquiries are counted by Nelson Publishing and a report is made available for the advertiser. 

Can I get this anywhere?
No, RSLeads is a free service, exclusively for our advertisers. Research shows that use of reader service postcards has dropped steadily as e-commerce has increased. RSLeads generates quantifiable proof of the ROI of our publications.

What makes RSLeads different from reader service cards? 
Reader Service cards provide contact information, but turnaround time from inquiry to response can take weeks, even months. In this "gotta have it yesterday" world, buyers and vendors can't afford to wait. RSLeads provides real-time inquiries.

What are the advantages for the reader? 
1.  Readers can reach the product's specific web page without having to surf through other web pages or fill out personal information.
2.  They get instant access to information at the time of peaked interest.
3.  Benefits described in our articles or ads can be explored in more detail on the advertiser's website.

What are the advantages of RSLeads for the advertiser?
1.  RSLeads delivers real-time inquiries 24/7, so the interest level of a featured product or service can be analyzed hour by hour...day by day.
2.  RSLeads builds advertisers' web traffic—a critical goal for today's business. 
3.  Each RSLeads inquiry is a valid measure of interest, documented by our Web team and verified by the vendor's Web host.
4.  Reader's interest level is at it's highest, and advertisers have the opportunity to initiate or even close the deal through their own website.
5.  RSLeads extends "time spent with the reader." The advertiser's web site can increase and hold reader's interest using pricing, updated information, etc.
6.  Advertisers may still promote their company's web address in print ads, but RSLeads allows readers to go directly to one specific web page—saving them time and providing a true measure of interest-level.
7.  Advertisers can provide us with a "hidden" web page address for RSLeads so their ROI is untainted by generic web surfers.
8.  Advertisers can develop creative web promotions to capture the reader's contact information using sweepstakes, white papers, R&D results, company e-newsletters, product improvements, or added-features, etc.

You design your web sales mechanism—RSLeads brings buyers to 
you and proves it! Call your sales rep today for more information.